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  2. I got the same error of not finding "shootgameserver.exe" so I put the batch file in the same dir as the .exe file, (D:\server\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64) (start "" /NORMAL "ShooterGameServer.exe") and it ran. However, now I get what looks like an engine error now, and I can not figure this out..
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  4. micha0686

    Ship stucks after Servertimeout

    Hi there, our ship stucks after a servertimeout between a raft and little ship. Ship ship sails without us in this position. We have trid everything but don´t get it out. Is it for an admin possible to set the position of our ship outside of this?? Thanks in advanced
  5. Dwarven royal decreed all dwarves required to read by the orders of your Dwarven King Bjorn Ironforge The Impaler. Dwarves of Ironforge is recruiting to fill the Dwarven ranks. We are an established company in the strongest Alliance on the NA PVP server. We are PVP focused company. Every Dwarf must do their part as well. Not all Dwarves are required to PVP but to support the war effort. Requirements: Mature Players Only (preferably 18+) PVP focused but not afraid to get their hands dirty. Must be a Dwarf (your legs must be at the shortest level, aka no long shins) Have Fun (it is a game) PVP is not required. We are also looking for Dwarven Gathers, Scavengers, and Master Dwarven Crafters. All long shins will be killed on spot. This Company’s Goal is to be the PVP Vanguard for our alliance, to kill our enemies and to claim land for blood and glory. We are looking for like minded players to grow and to dominate the seas. Join your Brothers and Sisters Dwarves today. Contact a council of the nine to get sorted into the Guild. There is a trail period to see if we are a good fit for you, and you are a good fit for us. Join the Battle today and build your Dwarven Legend!
  6. Prehinto

    Sanctuary is Recruiting! NA PVP

    Forgot the Discord Link here it is:
  7. [Sanctuary] is recruiting new members! We are a smaller tribe that is looking for people who want to join and help us continue to grow and acquire new land. We don't require you be in discord at all times but would prefer it if you are. We're all chill young adults who have started to work really well together and are hoping to get more people that want to join in and work with us. We own a good bit land and are in a large alliance of players around our primary server -- there's plenty of PvP on the horizon. Quick Rules: - 18+ - No personal side projects unless they benefit the company, check with a Captain if you're unsure. All things are shared - No griefing allies or friends, just plain lame, pvp with enemies on the sea. - Real life comes first, but we do play a shit ton - Swearing like sailors is allowed, giving each other grief is encouraged, racism and sexual harassment are not - Make friends! Everyone here is great, sometimes we get on each other's nerves, but remember to have fun We are currently looking for: - Shipbuilders - Scouts PM if you're interested.
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  9. Ok 2 friendly guys on the server I play on have been crashing when trying to cross to another region due to BattleEye.
  10. Jenee Jackson

    Ships destroyed for no reason

    Day 637, 21:21:02 Ship 831050330 was removed from the Company! Day 638, 00:55:54 Ship 1356167416 was removed from the Company!
  11. Jenee Jackson

    Ships destroyed for no reason

    Our group logged in today on Sirens Call PVE and have lost 2 ships. 1 Brigantine, 1 Schooner. Same thing happened to our allied corporation. Live in sector L9 No explanation, no reason, ships just destroyed while anchored close to land. Was moving crew around on the ships last night, so, 12 hours time ago. Why are ships suddenly randomly destroyed in Lawless Regions ?
  12. Lost a couple wolves to a wolf spawning inside the building I kept them in. Other company members also have had cows spawn in their home, horses in their animal pens.
  13. Nevaehruo_1

    Issue with allied building.

    Ok I'm in an alliance and they have it setup so everyone can build in there claim zone but when I tried to place a foundation down it showed as blue but would not place. So is this just an EA bug or could it be just a me bug?
  14. DannyUK

    Need Atlas Admin

    I know the feeling of getting stuck. There should be a command in game where you can type in chat something like /sucide. This will respawn your character like dying.
  15. DannyUK

    What does baby bull eat?

    Have you tried fruits? Such as cocoa, coconut, lime, poppy and olive, they come under the fruits.
  16. Nevaehruo_1

    Bull taming

    Ok this may sound like a really noob question but how do you tame a bull when every time I get close to it it gore's me?
  17. Meia

    Machine Gun Ship of the Damned

    I had the exact same bug. Right after the 10.71 restart we went doing some damned ship and they started to throw a volley of canon balls non stop. It sank me really fast 😕 i don't have that ship id 😕
  18. mysticunicycle

    Machine Gun Ship of the Damned

    I'm reporting what I assume is a bug involving a rapid fire ship of the damned. There is no way that what this ship did was intended. Our Brig had 23 medium cannons on the port side, and has had no problems deleting ships of the damned up to max level. Just after the latest restart to EU PVE after it crashed, we took it out and engaged a lvl 9 ship of the damned. It didn't die in a single volley, but got down to like 5% hp. While reloading, the ship of the damned never stopped firing from each individual cannon. It did enough damage to strip all but two planks and gunports off the port side of our Brig in the ~6 seconds it took for us to reload our cannons and finish him off. TLDR - lvl 9 SOTD ripped almost all the planks off our brig and sunk it in under 6 seconds by firing well over 200 shots at us. I would like confirmation that this is indeed a bug, and not intended. The brig was named Flappy Bird 3 on EU PVE, and it was sunk in square M3 if that helps any official investigate. Ship ID -719311586
  19. AngelOfChaos

    Fatal Error

    Update: This appears to be an issue with Unreal Engine - the issue has been around for a while with no fix 😞
  20. sammuraiheart

    What does baby bull eat?

    I've tried to breed bull and cow then i got bull babies 3 but they didn't eat rushed, berries, fiber And they died So, what do they eat to grow up exactly?
  21. sammuraiheart

    What does baby bull eat?

    I've tried to breed bull and cow then i got bull babies 3 but they didn't eat rushed, berries, fiber And they died So, what do they eat to grow up exactly.
  22. xoxosweetheart

    Need Atlas Admin

    Okay so yea I am STUCK STUCK I mean my hunger and health and thirst wont go down and im falling inbetween two pillars along with 3 chickens I need an admin to get on and do /kill Lynette Carver at location/server > A7 on Krakens Maw USA PVP please help me I want to play this game not be stuck in a mountain WITH 3 CHICKENS. thanks
  23. Hallo Zusammen, Wir freuen uns, das Du Dir die Zeit nimmst, die folgenden Zeilen zu lesen. Surver: EU PVP Wie sieht das Gildenleben aus? Wir möchten, das jeder gerne ins Spiel online kommt und Spaß daran hat, mit den anderen in der Gilde zusammen zu sein und loszuziehen. Der Wohlfühlfaktor, oder wie einer unserer Member nicht Müde wird zu betonen: Die Harmonie muss einfach stimmen. Raiden UND gleichzeitig Spaß haben? Ist das wirklich möglich? Wie bereits erwähnt, ist uns der Umgang miteinander und der Spaß am gemeinsamen spielen wichtiger als ein “ PVP-Semi-Progress” Nichts desto trotz sind wir eine ambitionierte Truppe welche in der Vergangenheit bereits Raids gegen Die Chinesen hate . Natürlich freuen wir uns wenn wir mit euch an vergangene Tage anknüpfen können! Wenn nicht sollte keiner Enttäuscht sein, denn wie so oft im Leben - auch unsere Gilde ist nur so stark wie ihr “schwächstes” Mitglied,- und an diesem Tempo werden wir uns orientieren. Ablauf bei uns : Die ersten 2 Tage müssen neue sich bewisen in der brobe zeit und uns tad kreftig unterstützen beim farmen und sammeln ab dem 3 Tag dürft ihr euch für einen unserer Berufs gruppen entscheiden . Berufsgruppen: Sammler / Lager Krieger Schmied Koch / Arzt Festungsbau Tier zähmer Expedizion Schiffsbauer Haben wir Dein Interesse geweckt? Wenn ja, komm zu uns ins Discord ! Ansprechpartner im Discord : Debaara Gildenmeister live auf twitch:
  24. Stevieballbags

    Honest Feedback

    Words of wisdom tbh. The animal spawns are what made me stop playing until it gets fixed, there is simply too many of them and as you said the respawn timer on them is simply way to short.
  25. KhadinPlays

    Recruiting Company Members PVE EU

    Hello, My name is KhadinPlays and I am recruiting new members for my Company. Our Base is set and we have 1 Schooner and Mats for more and bigger Stuff. For further questions, please join my discord Hope to see you there! Best Khadin!
  26. AngelOfChaos

    Fatal Error

    I have crashed multiple times due to a "Low level fatal error", and was finally able to get a screenshot of it. It looks like it's losing communication with my graphics card, but I'm not sure why
  27. Maddict

    NA PVP Recruiting

    Same ive sent discord and requests
  28. LiquidHate

    Spawning under the world

    That is outstanding! They'll get it fixed man. Patches are flyin.
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