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  1. DannyUK

    Need Atlas Admin

    I know the feeling of getting stuck. There should be a command in game where you can type in chat something like /sucide. This will respawn your character like dying.
  2. DannyUK

    What does baby bull eat?

    Have you tried fruits? Such as cocoa, coconut, lime, poppy and olive, they come under the fruits.
  3. Please can you change how we go up to objects and press E to have options. I've lost a couple of structures by going up to them and pressing E and my mouse happens to hover over demolish by accident and it's gone. After the first time I did it I'm more aware of it but still i've come close to doing it again before I pull the mouse off it. Can you not make it longer to demolish if your pointer is over that option?
  4. DannyUK

    Limit claim flag placement

    They need to wipe everyones claims off islands and start again with a fresh system. This idea of placing flags down everywhere is pointless. We travelled for hours at sea to come across every island and I mean every island covered in red circles. In the end we gave up and just asked nicely if someone can give us small piece of land in exchange for a few things, luckily the guy was nice enough to accept. Should only be able to place 1 flag per island, then when you want to claim more you have to build further out then place the flag. That will limit it down somewhat until people have built far out. I really hope they change how it is because it's not fun at the moment to come across these red circles everywhere.
  5. DannyUK

    my experience

    I've actually enjoyed playing the game, yes it is very frustrating but I have enjoyed it so far but bugs were to be expected in this game. It helps me that I have never played ark so this game is new to me. They have alot to sort out for sure, hopefully they fix major issues soon enough but I don't think it deserves the slating it is getting with bad reviews, I assume these are mostly ark players though. As others have said streamers are playing this first and they have claimed alot of stuff, I don't agree with the developers letting streamers have access first. They are no better than anyone else buying the game, the big streamers ruin it for sure.
  6. DannyUK

    Where can we settle?

    I feel your pain with this, me and a friend sailed for hours coming across islands only to see it covered with red circles. The game is flawed right now, you should not be able to spam the flags to claim area like this, it's just not right. Eventually we asked politely on an island if someone could give us a small piece of land to build and start off. We traded a few things and he accepted us into the group which was nice of him. This is the only way we could get any land, we only have 1 green circle on map on land near coast to build. They need to fix this issue, it's no fun sailing to islands finding no land, it takes hours just to get from one to the other.
  7. I'm playing on PVE server and i've only got a little bit of land on and island with small boat. I have gathered resources for the past few days but recently these resources haven't been spawning again in the same place, trees, fibres etc. I was told in game chat that these buoys are placed down by other people which stop resources spawning within a radius on map, is this correct? If so how can we counter against them? Put a buoy down ourselves? I think it's a really bad idea if these do actually stop resources spawning. Have others come across this yet? I can no longer get any resources on my island at the moment, hopefully this is fixed if it's a bug of some sort I'm not sure.