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    Honest Feedback

    So I have been playing for a couple of days now, below is my thoughts. I get some may not agree but I wanted to give my feedback: 1) Sailing is boring and unrewarding - If i have sailed two hours across the map because i cant find Sugarcane to tame a horse (more on that later) then I really don't want to cross a zone and find 7 Ship of the Damned waiting for me! To make it worse...even with the wind i cannot escape them, tried to turn around and died before my crew could repair and let me cross back into the last zone. I then tried the same journey again...this time i was chased for 12 mins by the same SoTD and ran out of repair materials to 4 hours i made 0 progress! 2) Taming sucks - you have taken the foundations of a game that mostly worked (ARK) and then ruined everything about it...(more on this shortly)...I really don't care if the animal wants to be tamed or not...bring back the tranq and feed mechanic that worked perfectly in ARK...remove this Bola bullsh*t! Keep a passive, sneak taming for things like sheep, cows or monkeys. My clan and I tried taming wolves...that was a total mess! made a taming pen...damage...bola...feed...5% tame...breaks bola...damage....bola...have to start from sucks! 3) Eating mechanic sucks - I don't mind needing to eat more then just meat like in ARK that's a cool concept but I don't think 4 food groups is a good idea...i have enough cr*p to deal with in this game rather then having to fish, kill, farm and gather contently to keep food balanced. I have taking to just ignoring it and dying then carrying on. A better idea for me would be 2 meat and then veg and then we have water. Also some recipes at early levels that includes meat and veg would make it more sustainable. 4) Temperature changes - this is ridiculous...I live in a temperate is 34c during the day (always over heating while naked) and then it is 0c at night and i am freezing (with hide armor). It needs to be more realistic...32c during the day fine...but them at night it should be like 15c not 0c! Also...i dont want to put all my points into Fortitude...i want to be able to carry some thing because i need such a vast vast quantity of materials! 5) Material spawns - I am fine having to travel and explore to collect items...BUT if you have an island that has silver as its metal type...maybe actual put some Gem stones in the same tile so we can make alloy rather then having to do a 1h journey just to make some alloy! Also...maybe but the food spawns on islands for the animals that live there...horses for days but they need sugar cane which is a 2h ride thanks...(that's if taming actually worked). 6) Animal spawns - Again a little stupid...Where i have setup camp in temperate zone we have constantly about 3-4 giant snakes always attacking...kill them....2mins later they are back...lets reduce the re-spawn times and the density of spawns! Second point on animals....sort out the spans for the zone they are in...why there are vultures, elephants and lions in the Arctic i have no idea! No I know it seems like a lot of moaning but this game just has no feeling of reward. I think it needs adjusting and I look forward to what it can be! Thanks