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  1. RogueLdr

    Silence is not golden, it's deadly

    Inclusive future update notes added to steam forums... thanks for listening. ... i'm just gonna go ahead and take credit for that lol
  2. I think it would go a long way if you gave us at least a bucket list or things you're working on. A simple "Hey guys, we're aware of problem X and exploit Y, they are on the top of our priority list, it's being worked on, hang in there." would go a long way with community relations. The steam forum is full of people complaining about bugs and exploits, but i've not seen a single Dev response, not one. I'm not saying dive into each thread, but a quick, "We hear ya, and we're on it" post would keep spirits up and people playing. Right now people are losing their hard earned stuff to this nonsense and saying "Screw this game, the Devs don't even care that it's broken, i'm out!" In this case Silence is not golden, it's deadly.
  3. RogueLdr

    Add auto playing music

    My company was really looking forward to music to liven up the long voyages. In a certain other pirate game which shall not be named, i used to love sitting in the crows nest playing music for the crew. It really adds to the ambiance and helps with the tedium. I can't say how disappointed i was to find out how the music works in your game. I want to relax and play a sea shanty... not guitar hero. I understand that songs give a buff, keep the mini game for the buff version of the song, but PLEASE add an auto playing non buff version. Either a toggle or hold left mouse kinda thing. Thanks for the hard work.