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  1. mysticunicycle

    Machine Gun Ship of the Damned

    I'm reporting what I assume is a bug involving a rapid fire ship of the damned. There is no way that what this ship did was intended. Our Brig had 23 medium cannons on the port side, and has had no problems deleting ships of the damned up to max level. Just after the latest restart to EU PVE after it crashed, we took it out and engaged a lvl 9 ship of the damned. It didn't die in a single volley, but got down to like 5% hp. While reloading, the ship of the damned never stopped firing from each individual cannon. It did enough damage to strip all but two planks and gunports off the port side of our Brig in the ~6 seconds it took for us to reload our cannons and finish him off. TLDR - lvl 9 SOTD ripped almost all the planks off our brig and sunk it in under 6 seconds by firing well over 200 shots at us. I would like confirmation that this is indeed a bug, and not intended. The brig was named Flappy Bird 3 on EU PVE, and it was sunk in square M3 if that helps any official investigate. Ship ID -719311586