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  1. Prehinto

    Sanctuary is Recruiting! NA PVP

    Forgot the Discord Link here it is:
  2. [Sanctuary] is recruiting new members! We are a smaller tribe that is looking for people who want to join and help us continue to grow and acquire new land. We don't require you be in discord at all times but would prefer it if you are. We're all chill young adults who have started to work really well together and are hoping to get more people that want to join in and work with us. We own a good bit land and are in a large alliance of players around our primary server -- there's plenty of PvP on the horizon. Quick Rules: - 18+ - No personal side projects unless they benefit the company, check with a Captain if you're unsure. All things are shared - No griefing allies or friends, just plain lame, pvp with enemies on the sea. - Real life comes first, but we do play a shit ton - Swearing like sailors is allowed, giving each other grief is encouraged, racism and sexual harassment are not - Make friends! Everyone here is great, sometimes we get on each other's nerves, but remember to have fun We are currently looking for: - Shipbuilders - Scouts PM if you're interested.