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  1. Dwarven royal decreed all dwarves required to read by the orders of your Dwarven King Bjorn Ironforge The Impaler. Dwarves of Ironforge is recruiting to fill the Dwarven ranks. We are an established company in the strongest Alliance on the NA PVP server. We are PVP focused company. Every Dwarf must do their part as well. Not all Dwarves are required to PVP but to support the war effort. Requirements: Mature Players Only (preferably 18+) PVP focused but not afraid to get their hands dirty. Must be a Dwarf (your legs must be at the shortest level, aka no long shins) Have Fun (it is a game) PVP is not required. We are also looking for Dwarven Gathers, Scavengers, and Master Dwarven Crafters. All long shins will be killed on spot. This Company’s Goal is to be the PVP Vanguard for our alliance, to kill our enemies and to claim land for blood and glory. We are looking for like minded players to grow and to dominate the seas. Join your Brothers and Sisters Dwarves today. Contact a council of the nine to get sorted into the Guild. There is a trail period to see if we are a good fit for you, and you are a good fit for us. Join the Battle today and build your Dwarven Legend!