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    I played Ark for several years and had a lot of fun. Even the more difficult aspects of Ark were not impossible feats. The only issue with Ark I had was stability issues. Otherwise, great game. Atlas, on the other hand, takes a nice day off work and turns it into a nightmare waste of time. With the aging mechanics being the worst ever idea in the gaming industry; the creative genius behind that idea should be fired immediately! Given that most adults have only a few hours of RL playtime at their disposal, trying to travel to 8 different islands to find a fountain of youth so your character can continue to live with the skills you've spent so much time grinding is absolutely ridiculous. And if that isn't bad enough, once you make it to one of those islands after countless ship destructions, there are so many high level mobs on the beach that you cant make it 10 yards without dying. A game with a challenge is wonderful. An impossible to accomplish game, well there just is no entertainment value to that whatsoever. As long as this mechanic exists in game, I won't be playing one more moment, and I won't recommend this game to anyone.