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  1. Tallios

    ATLAS: Exclusive Release Trailer

    I've got nothing like this right now.
  2. I cannot log into your game because the server I was on is down and it cannot retrieve the information. So now I cannot do anything. Would it be possible to have some separate storage for the character stats so that if I decide to start somewhere else, I am not dependent on the original shard being up and running?
  3. Tallios

    Well polished game?

    I've heard under all this lag and rubberbanding there is a great game here..... can anyone confirm? ?
  4. I would suggest that there be some sort of warning that tells people when an area is over 125 of the 150 max, to possibly include some sort of penalty towards harvesting because of overharvest.
  5. Tallios

    Waterskin filling

    I would like to be able to fill a water skin from a ground spring that you dig.
  6. Can you make it so that there is a queue, and that when someone is online, they get priority to log in FIRST if they were on within the last say 10 mins. This way people who are active in a zone, have a better chance of getting in and getting out.