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  1. AngelOfChaos

    Ship weight

    First, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not. My ship weighs more with the gun ports open than it does with them closed. We've tested it on 3 different ships, and seems relative to the number of cannons. My schooner has 10 cannons and opening the ports adds 600 pounds. Clanmate's brigantine has 12 and it adds 720 pounds. Does anyone know if this is supposed to happen?
  2. AngelOfChaos

    Fix baby animal temp sensitivity

  3. AngelOfChaos

    Fix baby animal temp sensitivity

    I am on my 2nd try of breeding horses. The first baby froze to death when it was 50 degrees F. This time my female had 2 babies. I had 3 fires going in a small room, it was 54 degrees, and one still froze to death. The other is still alive because I built 2 more fires. So, it takes 5 fires in a small space, with temps over 50 degrees, to keep a baby horse from freezing to death??!!!!! THIS IS STUPID. FIX IT PLEASE
  4. AngelOfChaos

    Wild animals spawning in structures

    Something similar happened here. We had a large stone wall, and houses inside. Company leader woke up with a lion in his house. No openings, no holes in the wall and all his doors were shut
  5. AngelOfChaos


    What the title says. We found a small lake, and there were so many catfish it crashed my server (private owned). Obviously there is a spawning issue. I am attaching an image. This image is after we killed about half with grenades.
  6. AngelOfChaos

    teleporting to bed spawns me in floor

    I have a couple houses with beds on the upper floors. If I teleport to or spawn on a bed that is upstairs, I almost always end up inside the floor downstairs, stuck, and if there is something there (in my screenshot, a loom) I have to have someone kill me rather than tear up the floorboards. I have had it happen in a couple different houses, almost every time I try it. In the screenshot, if you look closely you can see me stuck under there. I had just teleported to another bed.
  7. AngelOfChaos

    Fatal Error

    Update: This appears to be an issue with Unreal Engine - the issue has been around for a while with no fix 😞
  8. AngelOfChaos

    Fatal Error

    I have crashed multiple times due to a "Low level fatal error", and was finally able to get a screenshot of it. It looks like it's losing communication with my graphics card, but I'm not sure why
  9. AngelOfChaos

    Limit claim flag placement

    Pretty straightforward. Every Island I go to in a territory where claim flags can be placed is completely saturated, usually by one or two people or a couple of companies. Some of the flags are placed just to prevent other people from building. This may be understandandable on pvp servers, but on pve it is not. I think placement of claim flags should be limited to one per grid square per person, and I also think the amount a single company can place should be limited as well, maybe based on how many members it has.
  10. AngelOfChaos

    Spawning under the world

    The bug is just what the title says. I spawned under the world in Area A5 (I believe) on the Hydra's Den server, so I was immediately killed, and had to spawn again, only to have the same thing happen about 7-8 times in a row. This is frustrating, but I know it's alpha, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  11. AngelOfChaos

    Spawn system

    I think the current spawn system is awful for people who do not currently have their own territory. We should at least be able to choose which island we spawn on. Getting to the point where you almost have a raft built and then dying sucks. And then it seems like the game spawns us as far away fron that point as it can. This is almost to the point of game breaking for me, as I spend most of my time trying to get back to where I should be, only to die again.