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  1. Stocky

    Where can we settle?

    I searched 10 grids last night, 8 grids the night before, and 5 the night before that. All non lawless and non starting areas, and not a single piece of land to get. Even if I did get a small piece, the whole rest of the island is covered in claims by others. The waters surrounding the islands are covered in claims as well. I don't think there's a problem with the claiming system, but the amount of claims a person or company should have, should absolutely be limited. I'm looking for 1 or 2 spots that I can build a home and a dock, while others have 10-20 (or more) claims, with empty space on them. I'll wait until they fix the amount of claims, or open more official servers.
  2. Stocky

    Delete company bug

    Same just happened to me last night, changed my Company name and now I lost everything, even if I change the name back.
  3. Stocky

    Key Bindings are a Disaster

    I couldn't find a way to edit my post, but here are a few things in more detail, all dealing with Game Options.. 1) When you reset the key bindings to defaults, it shouldn't reset all of the options as it does now. Reset to default should only reset the menu you are in. 2) You have an Extended HUD Option = H. That should be a toggle as well. 3) Can't scroll on map when you use the "M" key. It does scroll from the Atlas menu though. It should work on both. 4) There needs to be an option to shut the Chat Screen Off completely. 5) In Key Bindings, you need to be able to use the same key more than once, like for ship navigation and character movement. Maybe have a menu for General Keys, Keys while in Combat, Keys while Navigating, Keys while using the Map. Example: The defaults have w, a, s, & d for both navigation and character movements, but if you change that to the arrow keys, you can't do it for both the movement & navigation. 6) In the Key Binding section, you have Reload = R. That should be renamed to Combat Mode = R. You have Toggle Fists = Q, which doesn't make sense. And, Next Loaded Weapon = L ALT should be renamed to Target Lock = L Alt. I'm sure there's more, I'm only scratching the surface.
  4. Stocky

    Key Bindings are a Disaster

    The key bindings seriously need an overhaul. If I set w,a,s,d to my arrow keys, it unassigns the ship throttle keys, whereas they should be the same, as they are with the w,a,s,d keys. In the game options for default keys, R = Toggle gunpoints & Reload & Reload all. But yet in game, R = Combat mode. In the game options for default keys, Left Ctrl = Hold to Walk. But yet in game, Left Ctrl = Target Lock, but Target Lock is listed in the key bindings as Middle mouse. The bindings are all over the place, not listed correct, and don't match in game. There are quite a few more strange key bindings, and I became completely frustrated trying to change them. If you guys can't list them correctly, how can we change them correctly. Please fix the key bindings. I'm going to have to hold off playing for now, until so.