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  1. Maddict

    NA PVP Recruiting

    Same ive sent discord and requests
  2. Maddict

    Company Recruiting

    Abusement Park is looking for a few more sailors to top off the decks as the game smooths itself out and find it's footing as a product. We're 28 members strong at the moment looking to crank that to about 50 active players. (Almost) everyone is 18 plus most in their mid 20's. Healthy mix of adults, young adults, americans and europeans. We have a strong base location and allies as well as a good sized fleet with over 40 cannons between them! PST Maddict on Steam or message me here! - Discord VoiP
  3. Maddict

    Overspawning of NPC's

    Just lost the 3rd Schooner in 24 hours, 1 was at port and destroyed, ATM we cant even leave our island for metal or fiber due to the insane number of NPC ships at sea, a lvl 12, a lvl 3, and a lvl 4 just overtook and destroyed our vessels with ease even with the wind at our back and 4 players on each ship repairing and maneuvering. Were terrified to move the new Brig from port as its really all weve got left after many man hours. I think im done with the game atleast for awhile, i like the concept, but even past the bugs and rollbacks this game just isn't ready to play yet.