Ship of the damned broken

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Hey, I think the ship of the damned needs a big nerf... I lost more than 20 hours of pure farm to not even make 2 tiles... lost 2 ships... cant outrun them, they cant miss... its really a problem... Im sick of starting form zero... and not only that... the ships are so expensive, its unplayable
The only thing I see as good to sail and come out alive is the raft that doesnt get targeted by ships of the damned... but the sails are so bad
I cant keep building ships just for them to die as soon as I take them in to water
Whats the point of wasting more than 20 hours to build a ship if he is going to get destroyed in a matter of minutes?
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Posted (edited)

In my opinion the ships of the damned spawn far too frequently as well. They should be something that is considered a rare spawn if you ask me.

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