The animals are to F'ing strong

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Why are the Animals and in the environment in this f****** game so strong? it is so dam stupid you can't get anything done. I have died 23 times to 219 f****** wolf and snakes in a frozen zone WTF, the game was a waste of money. if i wanted stupid pirate sh*t i would play sea of thieves.  i died of the cold in 2 min WTF is that sh*t I'm not living in Antarctica!!!   i understand making a game hard but this game is f****** downright retarded with its super animals and weather and dying because if I eat too much meat,  berries, plants or fish it's f****** stupid that's not how shit works. All this game is an Ark shell that had sex with Sea of thieves and SCUM 

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I agree that (some) of the animals are too strong, however in my opinion the bigger problem is frequency of hostile animals that spawn. The level system seems to not matter that much unless there is a great difference in lvl between the mob and you. I'm lvl 20 or 21 right now and a lvl 3 wolf still chunks my health a quarter at a time. I can 1 shot a lvl 15 seagull but that same wolf will take 3 or more shots with a bow and arrow. It would be great to get some kind of clarification on how the system works. Because from what I can tell the level system seems to only matter when you are talking about base line stats and the skill trees.

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